Robert Green, InsMark Gold Power Producer®, Napa, CA

"What an informative program!   Amazing that the programs get better every Symposium.   Thanks for all the work you and the team put into making this so profitable for the participants.    Great stuff, great people, even greater experience."

William Moates, Jr., Trilennium Financial Alliance LLC, InsMark Platinum Power Producer®, Fort Smith, AR

“As with all of the InsMark software, InsMark’s Premium Financing System has proven to be an indispensable addition to my ability to show my clients the advantages in using a “Financed Premium” concept to solve their financial needs. Because of this, I was able to close three large financed premium cases easier and faster than ever before. I no longer need to use the cumbersome and illegible spreadsheets provided to me from other sources. As everyone understands, Premium Finance is a complex and involved concept to undertake. With the InsMark Premium Financing System, I am now able to show my clients a professional rendering of Premium Finance that is concise and easy to understand. As always, InsMark has delivered again. I encourage all who use Premium Finance as a solution to their clients’ needs to purchase this system. The cost of the system is not an expense, but rather an investment in your business.”

Chris Jacob, CFP, SFI-Cadeau, St. Louis, MO, InsMark Platinum Power Producer®

“Standard premium financing illustrations produce much in the way of great data, but it takes the InsMark Premium Financing System to really present compelling numbers; however, the integration of that data into InsMark’s comparative modules like Various Financial Alternatives and Wealthy and Wise is really what makes premium financing sizzle.”

Kerry L. Walker CLU, ChFC, InsMark Platinum Power Producer®, The Walker Firm, Inc. Aurora, CO

"My experience with InsMark’s Executive Trifecta is career changing. Showing this idea to a business owner is a win-win-win! The Business Owner wins by protecting and retaining his most valuable asset (his employee), the Employee wins by knowing they are being recognized and rewarded for their efforts and loyalty, and the financial professional wins by winning the confidence and business of a new client who is a business owner. It can revolutionize a financial services career."

Scott Keffer, Advisor Coach, Best Selling Author, Creator of Double Your Affluent Clients®

“For three decades, InsMark software has been the leader in presentation software for life insurance. However, my favorite retirement, estate and charitable planning software is InsMark’s Wealthy and Wise combined with DOD (Documents on a Disk). Nothing holds a candle. If you are in the retirement, estate or charitable planning arena, this is the easiest AND most powerful software on the planet. I highly recommend it. One of the most important elements for success with high net worth clients is the ability to simply and powerfully present planning concepts. As a coach to leading advisors, I’m often asked, “What planning software do you use?” I have three criteria: it must: 1) first and foremost, produce simple and powerful output that moves people to take action; 2) be easy to learn and operate by team members and me; 3) allow lots of flexibility to perform and test multiple what-if scenarios.”

Simon Singer, CFP®, CAP®, RFC®, International Forum Member, InsMark Platinum Power Producer®, Encino, CA

“InsMark has created without question the best suite of software for our industry that has ever existed. I personally have been using their software for almost 30 years, and it changed my career. The InsMark Symposium will expose you not only to this unique and user friendly software, but to real life applications for your business that will add many thousands to your income for as long as you’re in business. InsMark makes me look good, and it will you as well."

Mark Pace, CLU, RHU, ChFC, Creator of the Life Insurance Performance Management System, InsMark Gold Power Producer®, President, ObjectiView, Inc., Ridgeland, MS

“The net worth and cash flow modeling that Wealthy and Wise provides is one of the best financial planning tools in the market place. In and of itself, it delivers tremendous value to the client. Moreover, when advisers update it annually, they deliver that tremendous value year after year. However, until advisers have sold themselves on the value proposition of charging fees, they will avoid them -- either to their financial detriment or in reduced service to clients. That is why advisers must be encouraged to believe the value they will create is worth far more than the fees they can charge.”

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