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Training – The Quickest Way To Learn InsMark

The Quickest Way to Learn InsMark


If you want to learn how to use InsMark software to calculate and present more great sales ideas for your clients, click on the image of the dog to the left. This will take you to InsMark's training platform.

Once there, you will start by watching a short video that will explain how you can learn powerful sales ideas and then access digital InsMark Workbook files that will then show you exactly how to recreate those sales ideas for your clients.

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The 2020 InsMark Symposium took place February 28-29 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  2021 Symposium information will be available soon. 

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September 12, 2019

8 am Pacific
11 am Eastern


The 3 Secrets To Attract
MILLION Dollar Clients!

Presenters: Scott Keffer, Scott Keffer International, and  Don Prehn, InsMark


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Marketing Ideas and Sales Concepts - The Best Strategies in the Financial Industry

( Share this video with clients - it gives you an incredibly effective way to introduce Wealthy and Wise to your clients.  

Crystal Clear Alternatives: A Video Summary of Blog #83 focusing on the InsMark presentations which you can use with every client!

Simon "Stuffy" Singer presents Cash Flow Modeling.

Bob Ritter reviews a Case Study that is based on the Good Logic vs. Bad Logic™ marketing concept. 

CheckMate Analysis:  Cash Value Life Insurance compared to Term Life Insurance

The Pothole in Wealth Management, Good Logic vs. Bad Logic™

The Financial Firepower of Cash Value Life Insurance

The Financial Firepower of Cash Value Life Insurance using Term and Invest the Difference, Various Financial Alternatives, and Dollars of Benefits for Pennies of Cost. 

Avoiding a $20 Million Mistake with Steve Savant and Don Prehn

A New Retirement Planning Strategy with Steve Savant and Don Prehn. 

The Pothole in Wealth Management

Good Logic vs. Bad Logic

Executive Trifecta

Bob Ritter's PowerPoint on Executive Trifecta:  A Key Executive should have life insurance coverage to indemnify the business.  

Testing Financial Tolerance for Charitable and Family Gifts

Testing Financial Tolerance for Charitable and Family Gifts

Premium Financing System

Bob Ritter's PowerPoint show of the Premium Financing System using case studies.

InsMark Leveraged Compensation System

InsMark Leveraged Compensation System 

Deferred Annuity -- Great for Living / Bad for Dying

Deferred Annuity -- Great for Living / Bad for Dying

Loan-Based Split Dollar

Loan-Based Split Dollar

Loan-Based Private Split Dollar

Loan-Based Private Split Dollar

Adding Key Executive Coverage

Exceptional Benefits for Outstanding Executives

Anyone Want a Free Dog?

Dollars of Benefits for Pennies of Cost

If Something Important You Believe To Be True Turns Out To Be Wrong

The Cost of Waiting

Let’s Make Sure the Girls Go to College

Checkmate® Selling

An Easy Charitable Legacy

Charitable IRA

If We Sell Our Business, Can We Afford to Retire?

Tom and Kristin’s Retirement Planning

Wealth Preservation Video

Software Help (Training, FAQs, Downloads, etc.)

Here you can access the InsMark Installation Utility which installs all of our disk-based systems.  

If you are experiencing a problem with your software, this link also takes you to our FAQs.

 InsMark Illustration System Tutorial

 Wealthy and Wise Tutorial

Don Prehn shows you how easy it is to link your life insurance data into any InsMark Illustration System.  He uses IIS as the example, but the content of this video can be used in any linked illustration system. 

I've Installed the InsMark Illustration System.  Now What?

Step by Step instuctions for using the InsMark Illustration System. 

Creating a Wealthy and Wise® Scenario

Step by Step instructions for creating a Scenario in Wealthy and Wise®. 

 How To Use The InsMark Illustration System


 How To Use Wealthy and Wise
(Part 1)

 How To Use Wealthy and Wise
(Part 2)

Creating a Wealthy and Wise® Comparison

Step by step Instructions for creating a Comparison in Wealthy and Wise®

Exporting Documents (DOD)

Step by Step instructions for Exporting Documents from DOD.

Blog #83: Presentation Keystrokes Video

Moving Your InsMark System(s) to a New Computer

Instructions for moving all of your InsMark System(s) installed on your hard disk to a new Computer.

Julie Nayeri explains how to copy and paste Source Data into any InsMark System.

Beyond InsMark - Service Providers Who Can Enhance Your InsMark Experience

Zero Split Case Premium Financing

Learn how two life members of Top of the Table create and engage prospects by using tax conversations.


There's needless trouble ahead for 80% of your Clients.  

Advisers working together can overcome even the biggest financial problems!

Double Your Affluent Clients!

The Incredible and Growing Premium Finance Market from Kim Coulter and Ken Buckley.

The Buckley Group

Finding Clients For Large Case Premium Financing . . . Just Got Easier!


How To Substantially Increase The After Tax Income From IRA and Qualified Plan Assets

Introduction to QLS

An Introduction To QLS with Chris Jacob

The Power of Zero

The Power of Zero with author, David McKnight.  

 You Can Profit Using the InsMark Estate Planning Center (IEPC)

A Full Demonstration of the InsMark Estate Planning Center Online Platform


Premium Financing For The Small Case Market

InsMark Affiliate Relationships with DIS (Disability Insurance Services).

Why most small businesses are underinsured.  

Don Prehn speaks at the 2013 Symposium about the InsMark Business Valuator.

InsMark’s Advanced Consulting Group (ACG): Learn how ACG can help you expand your service platform to a much broader range of individual and corporate clients.

The American Tax Planning Institute (ATPI): Learn what the ATPI can do to help your practice grow through marketing, mentoring and training

Testimonials - Here's What Others Have to Say About Us

Mark A. Trewitt, CLU, ChFC, CAP, CFP, AEP, InsMark Platinum Power Producer®, Plano, TX
Robert Green, InsMark Gold Power Producer®, Napa, CA
William Moates, Jr., Trilennium Financial Alliance LLC, InsMark Platinum Power Producer®, Fort Smith, AR
Chris Jacob, CFP, SFI-Cadeau, St. Louis, MO, InsMark Platinum Power Producer®
Kerry L. Walker CLU, ChFC, InsMark Platinum Power Producer®, The Walker Firm, Inc. Aurora, CO
Scott Keffer, Advisor Coach, Best Selling Author, Creator of Double Your Affluent Clients®
Simon Singer, CFP®, CAP®, RFC®, International Forum Member, InsMark Platinum Power Producer®, Encino, CA
Mark Pace, CLU, RHU, ChFC, Creator of the Life Insurance Performance Management System, InsMark Gold Power Producer®, President, ObjectiView, Inc., Ridgeland, MS
Glenn A. Main III, InsMark Gold Power Producer®, The Main Point Group LP, Pittsburgh, PA
Gary Curry, President and CEO, ORBA Insurance Services Inc., InsMark Platinum Power Producer®, Gold River, CA

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