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Wealthy and Wise (Advanced)

Your System comes with Snap-Ons. Snap-Ons enable the instant transfer of policy data from your company's illustration software to this InsMark System.

Wealthy and Wise Net Worth Analysis

One of the greatest features in Wealthy and Wise is its ability to optimize your client's Net Worth simply be testing the best order in which your client should use their assets to fulfill their precise financial goals.  This is a detail that is almost impossible to calculate manually and is typically ignored.  As you can see in the report above, spending the assets in an un-optimized order (listed top left), will result in a Net Worth of at a little over 3.5 million dollars at the end of the Analysis.  Not bad, HOWEVER ...



Wealthy and Wise Analysis After Using "Maximize Net Worth"

... Wealthy and Wise's unique optimization ensures the client's Net Worth is maximized.  In the case above, the optimized Net Worth is significantly increased by over 12.5 million dollars to a total Net Worth of over 16 million.  WOW!  This feature alone proves the value of a Wealthy and Wise Analysis for your clients (and your commissions), thus making the purchase a "no-brainer".   


More Features you can use in Wealthy and Wise ...


What You Can Do With The System

  • Test for Sustainability of Cash Flow Goals
  • Test Financial Tolerance for Gifting
  • Measure the Impact of any Strategy on Pre-death Net Worth
  • Compare Alternative Wealth Accumulation and Distribution Strategies
  • Compare Alternative Wealth Preservations Strategies
  • Compare Plans With and Without Life Insurance (in or out of the estate)
  • Measure the Impact of Taxable Gifts Compared to No Gifts
  • Illustrate Premium Financing using Bank Loans
  • Compare Tax Deferred w/ Taxable, Tax Exempt, and Equity Alternatives
  • Calculate After Tax Social Security Retirement Benefits
  • Calculate After Tax Income from Single Premium Immediate Annuities (no refund or period certain)
  • Calculate Estate Value of Period Certain Annuities
  • Illustrate IRAs, Roth IRAs, 401(k)s, Keoghs, and Defined Benefit Plans
  • Compare IRAs vs. Roth IRAs (including impact on heirs)
  • Illustrate Inherited IRAs and Inherited Roth IRAs
  • Analyze Retirement Plan Accum./Distribution Strategies
  • Evaluate Charitable IRA
  • Evaluate Stretch-Out IRA
  • Compare Stretch-Out IRA to Charitable IRA
  • Evaluate Charitable Bequests of Annuity Assets coupled with a Wealth Replacement Trust
  • Evaluate Zero Estate Plans Funded by Charitable Gifts and a Wealth Replacement Trust
  • Evaluate Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Analyze Charitable IRA Rollovers (whenever Congress periodically extends it)
  • Compare Alternative Charitable Strategies
  • Compare Spending Retirement Plan Assets Quickly vs. As Slowly As Possible (RMDs)
  • Analyze Multiple Taxable, Tax Exempt, Tax Deferred, and Equity Accounts
  • Measure Impact of Portfolio Turnover on Equity Performance
  • Compare Variable Annuities with Equity Accounts
  • Analyze Premium Financing Arrangements Funded by Personal Loans (Loan-Based Private Split Dollar)
  • Measure Impact of Portfolio Turnover on Equity Performance
  • Compare Variable Annuities with Equity Accounts
  • Analyze Premium Financing Arrangements Funded by Personal Loans (Loan-Based Private Split Dollar
  • Analyze Premium Financing Arrangements Funded by Bank Loans
  • Evaluate 1035 Annuity Exchanges
  • Evaluate Retirement Plan Rescue Plans (with life insurance in and out of the estate)
  • Evaluate Annuity Rescue Plans (with life insurance in or out of the estate)
  • Analyze Insure vs. Self-Insure (e.g., Long-Term Care, Disability Income, Life Insurance)
  • Compare Term vs. Permanent Insurance
  • Compare Year-By-Year Death Tax with Liquid Assets Available to Pay the Tax
  • Include Graphs, Bar Charts, and Pie Charts to Compare the Impact of Different Strategies on Net Worth, Transfer Taxes, Wealth to Heirs, and Wealth to Charity

Additional Capabilities

  • Screen Shows available on the System's toolbar
  • Video of a Wealthy and Wise Client Presentation available on the System's toolbar
  • Links policy data from most Insurance Companies

Wealthy and Wise Logic:

Please review the Wealthy and Wise® PowerPoint presentation entitled:

The Pothole in Wealth Management – Good Logic vs. Bad Logic

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Wealthy and Wise® logic report.


If you’re not using Wealthy and Wise, pray your competition isn’t either.™

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