InsMark Symposium Agenda

2:00p – 6:00p Optional Beginners Workshop
4:00p – 7:00p Early Registration and Exhibitor Setup

6:30a - 7:45a

Breakfast with Exhibitors

8:00a – 8:30a

The Only Executive Benefit with a Double-Digit Rate of Return for Employer and Executive
This plan is closer to a slam-dunk than any of the other executive benefit plans as both employer and executive have such positive results.  We will examine two Case Studies: 1) for a profit-making company and 2) for a tax-exempt organization.   

8:30a – 9:00a

Executive Benefit Meets Wealthy and Wise®
If you have convinced both the owner of company and one or more executives of the value of a particular executive benefit (like split dollar or executive bonus), does it make sense to integrate it within the retirement plan and/or estate plan of each covered executive?  You’ve already made the sale, so why complicate it?  Or maybe you are missing an opportunity for yourself or other retirement planning specialists in your firm.  If this becomes part of your presentation, the company owner is certain to be impressed.
9:00a - 9:30a Too Old to Include Life Insurance as a Retirement Vehicle?
This session addresses an awkward situation where a client is, say, 55, and intends to retire at age 65.  A life insurance policy needs time to season before cash withdrawals and loans are most effective.  This situation presents the difficult task of demonstrating the value of a retirement strategy that produces no retirement cash flow for 20 years – 10 years after retirement begins.  You’ll see how easy it is to solve this.
9:30a - 10:00a Guest Speaker
10:00a - 10:30a Break with Exhibitors
10:30a - 11:00a


A Quick Review of InsMark’s CheckMate® Selling Logic with COPC Reports
These questions will surface from either a prospect or his/her CPA or attorney: 

Do I need more life insurance?  If so, how much?  What kind should I buy?  Would it work out better if I invest the premium elsewhere?  Should I buy term and invest the difference? 

Now, combined with the Comparison of Plan Costs (“COPC”) reports, InsMark’s CheckMate Selling logic answers all these questions in a single presentation giving you a powerful, competitive advantage.

11:00a - 12:00p


Premier Sponsor

Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America

Todd Petit,  ASA, MAA,  Assistant Vice President and Actuary
Scott Kellen, Regional Vice President of Sales for the Life Division

Industry/Regulatory Update:  Changes that impact both IUL design and sales practices

Noon - 12:50p Lunch

1:00p - 1:45p

Phil Gallant, CLTC, Managing Partner - The Optimus Group, LLC
InsMark Platinum Power Producer

Phil has built a superb retirement income practice using Wealthy and Wise.  “Our clients absolutely love it as it is so much clearer to them than the boilerplate stuff coming from the big brokerage firms.  Clients do not understand those plans and do not read them.  Wealthy and Wise reports have resulted in literally hundreds of our clients firing the old advisor and coming on board with us.  We also find that clients are adding additional assets (a third of new revenue each year is coming from existing clients) because they want to see how it impacts their plan!  Thank you for this outstanding software.  It has lead to millions of dollars of revenue for our firm.”

Phil’s strategies involve transferable techniques.  Attendees will profit from learning about them.

1:45p - 2:15p


Don Prehn - Marketing Consultant, Board Member, and Past President of InsMark

InsMark's Advanced Consulting Group (ACG)
InsMark now has specialist firms available for joint case development in premium financing, COLI, BOLI, qualified plan optimization, life settlements and institutionally-priced life insurance for high net worth, accredited investors.  Don will review each specialist and the resources they provide to you and your agency.

2:15p - 3:00p

Platinum Sponsor
Ken Buckley
- Member of InsMark’s Advanced Consulting Group (ACG)
President and Founder, The Buckley Group1

Estate Preservation Funded by Premium Financing
Ken will identify the biggest challenges facing those who want to sell large, premium financed policies.  Along with identifying main problems, he will offer new and exciting solutions that can immediately help producers achieve success in this incredibly lucrative market, including influencing all CPAs within reach of your practice.

1The Buckley Group is an InsMark-recommended organization.

3:00p - 3:30p Break with Exhibitors
3:30p - 4:00p Guest Speaker

4:00p - 4:30p

A New Look at Loan Regime Split Dollar
We introduced you to our variation of Jim Harbaugh split dollar at the last Symposium as well as in Blog #177: Exceptional Split Dollar™.  There is some big news on new aspects of loan regime split dollar which we will present in this session.  As the saying goes, “It will knock your socks off”.

Note:  Bonuses or gifts for loan interest or loan repayment in split dollar situations are attracting attention from the IRS, and most commentators frown on featuring them.  This section also features a superb way to eliminate concerns about such bonuses and gifts relative to the split dollar final regulations issued in 2003 (TD 9092, 9/11/03 and Rev. Rul. 2003-105).

6:30p - 7:30p InsMark Grand Reception / Hosted by Allianz Life | Premier Sponsor

6:30a - 7:45a Breakfast with Exhibitors
8:00a - 9:00a

Don Prehn - Marketing Consultant, Board Member, and Past President of InsMark

What’s New with the InsMark’s Premium Financing System
Recent enhancements to InsMark’s Premium Financing System will be covered including important new options for calculating the additional collateral requirements as well as the Letter of Credit fees.

What Most Producers Don't Know About the Premium Financing Market
Don will discuss different resources available to you to succeed in the premium financing market, whether you’re a new agent or a Top of the Table producer.  Topics will include whether or not the bank loans should be made to the client’s company or directly to the client (or trust).  Also, if the loans are to the company, what resources are available to help your client’s advisors determine if the loan interest is deductible?  Next, variations will be shown to model solutions where the client plans to sell their business in the future.  Finally, Don will discuss Section 1.7872-15 (a) (4) and why you must understand this code section if you offer premium financing plans to your clients.

9:00a - 9:30a Life Insurance is a Postponable Purchase – Should It Be?
For many busy clients, the final decision to purchase life insurance today can wait.  Acquiring life insurance while you are in good health does make sense.   However, there is another more dominant reason for those who are attracted to the after-tax cash flow available at retirement from modern life insurance.  The lure of a short-term delay in funding is more than offset by double-digit percentages of gain in cash flow.
9:30a - 10:00a Guest Speaker
10:00a - 10:30a Break with Exhibitors
10:30a - 11:00a The Pothole in Wealth Planning
Real wealth involves sustainable after-tax cash flow coupled with maximum net worth invested at comfortable yields.  Note the use of the phrase “after-tax cash flow” not “after-tax income”.  This distinction often means accessing principal from weaker assets while allowing stronger assets to accrue as long as possible.  Every individual contemplating retirement must be sure to determine the sustainable level that a given amount of liquid assets will provide.  This analysis is where InsMark’s Good Logic vs. Bad Logic® shines.  If you address “let’s first be sure you won’t run out of cash” with each prospect or client, you should have vitally interested listeners for the rest of your presentation.
11:00a - 11:30a

What’s New with the Dual Security Plan
We introduced our Dual Security Plan at the 2018 Symposium using max-funded life insurance owned by an LLC, LLP, or Partnership for pre-retirement buy-sell of the Member’s/Partner’s interest in the firm coupled with a tax-free transfer of the policy (IRC Sec. 731) to the Member/Partner at retirement.

This session will introduce an alternative use of our Dual Security Plan where co-shareholders in a C or S corporation fund their stock redemption plan inside a separate LLC using bonuses, split dollar, or premium financing to support the life insurance.  At retirement, the policies transfer to the insureds on a tax-free basis where they can benefit personally from the tax-free, policy cash flow. Specimen documents will be in InsMark's Cloud-Based Documents On A Disk by the 2020 Symposium. 

11:30a - Noon Guest Speaker
Noon - 12:50p Lunch

1:00p - 1:30p

InsMark’s Prudent Care Standard
A new InsMark innovation helps agents and brokers establish rational reasons why a specific life insurance policy is selected as suitable for a given client.  It involves use of the InsMark Compare module located on the Personal Insurance tab of the InsMark Illustration System.  This module uses numbers, percentages, and graphics to compare up to four different policies as to premiums, cash values, death benefits and, if appropriate, after-tax cash flow from withdrawals, loans, or dividend surrenders.  It also compares internal costs and charges for each policy and calculates rates of return for each one.

As part of the InsMark Prudent Care Standard, the selected policy is also compared to a taxable account, tax-exempt account, and tax-deferred account.  The overall evaluation confirms that prudent care has guided your selection of the recommended policy as suitable for the client.

1:30p - 2:00p The Missing Link
The issues that affect all insurance and financial planning clients are fourfold: disability, early death, retirement, and long-term care.  You can address all four with a cash-rich life insurance policy with accelerated death benefits combined with a disability income policy.   Without the disability income benefit, the plan is a chair with only three legs.
2:00p - 2:30p

Open Forum with Bob Ritter and Don Prehn

  • Live “Ask Bob and Don” Session
  • Details of Pending Enhancements

Symposium Ends

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