Glenn A. Main III, InsMark Gold Power Producer®, The Main Point Group LP, Pittsburgh, PA

"Thanks to the genius of Bob Ritter and InsMark, I was able to complete two cases in the last few months using the InsMark Leveraged Compensation System. Annual premiums total was over $90,000. Before reaching out to Bob, I struggled with conceptualizing and communicating this new deferred compensation logic to the business owners and their key employees. With the InsMark software, the compelling case logic was immediately obvious to everyone. In addition, the software is easy to learn and use. InsMark continues to work magic for me and my business!"

Gary Curry, President and CEO, ORBA Insurance Services Inc., InsMark Platinum Power Producer®, Gold River, CA

"InsMark has important marketing information for every one of the producers in my firm — from the newly licensed to the veteran producer."

Kay Corbin, CLU, ChFC, InsMark Platinum Power Producer®, Phoenix, AZ

"InsMark helps us help our clients understand their money and their choices. I am always learning something new that changes what we do and how we can do it more efficiently. That translates to a better bottom line for us and for our clients. It’s making more money for everyone — just by pushing InsMark buttons on the computer. How great is that?!"

Martin Weitzman, CLU, InsMark Silver Power Producer®, West Hills, CA

"I have been a Power Producer for 5 years and have always felt that a 'Hands-On' seminar would allow me to fully utilize the InsMark Illustration System as well as Wealthy and Wise. This seminar has given me a new understanding of the Systems. I have significantly increased my understanding of their concepts and applications. I hope you make this seminar an annual event."

Doug Peete, Past President, Top of the Table, InsMark Silver Power Producer®, Overland Park, KS

"InsMark is the Picasso of the financial services world — their marketing savvy never fails to amaze me."

Nathan S. Sachs, CLU, ChFC, CFBS, Phoenix, AZ

"Over the last five working days, I can attribute $10,200 of commissionable premium directly to the purchase of InsMark software."

Zerita Reynolds, CLU, ChFC, FLMI, LLIF, REBC, RHU Director, Advanced Markets, Aviva USA

"InsMark's Life Plan presentation provides a valuable tool for our agents in discussing retirement plans with their clients. Its concise and to-the-point design makes the concept very easy to understand. And, having it available in both Spanish and English has proven to be extremely useful."

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